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身份要求: 男女不限,學生,上班族
地址: 台中市中區民族路195...

Professional designer design interior decoration to use marble style to make you feel stylish
The furniture and well-appointed rooms make it easy for you to stay

We have five advantages
First  - Full-time staff to solve the problem of tenants
Second - Use a fingerprint sensor machine and a 24 hour monitoring system to protect your safety
Third  - Full-time staff maintain public areas and keep clean
Fourth - Reinforced concrete construction, Concrete wall compartment, Great soundproofing
Fifth  - Strictly screen the work of tenants and no bad habits of the tenants

Different space beauty and quality of life
1 - Blowing air, exhaust hot air design makes the room with a beautiful space and energy saving.
2 - Has a separate balcony and washing machine, our guests are convenient and fast to wash clothes.
3 - Senior marble tiles compartment, improve the quality of home, feel the beauty of life.
4 - System furniture is low formaldehyde imports from Europe, so that tenants have enough
storage space, but does not affect the Earth\'s environmental protection and human health.

Convenient life function
●We have 24 hours on the first floor of the super-market, so you shop convenient and fast.
●Waterfront Park in front of the front, there are cinemas, night markets, universities, hospitals, railway stations,
bus stations, traditional markets, department stores, clothing stores nearby.

Although we have full-time staff, we will not charge an additional fee,
and will not even charge the fee of finding a house successfully

We need to charge the fee: $ 488 / month
Including water charges, network fees, TV channels, garbage charges, public areas cleaning costs

In order to maintain the quality of life of tenants, refused to rent to a special industry

Do not keep any pets that will affect other tenants, can not eat betel nut, can not be drug addicts


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