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身份要求: 男女不限,上班族,家庭
地址: 台北市松山區八德路四段...

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Quiet and Comfortable Residential Area.
Convenience Residential Area.
《親切專業提醒您 Gentle Remind 》:
Elegant Realty will charge broker fee if you find an ideal home through ouragency.
2. 租金未含稅金Rental isnot including tax. 3.管理費另計
The management fee will be charged monthly not including in the rental.

★ElegantRealty is a house renting company whose purpose is to serve foreignand Japanese expatriates and representatives that are stationed in Taipei. We have had great experience in the real estate field for over 10 years; we support the high expectations of our customers in regards to their desired houses or apartment. ★Elegant Realty agents are professional and fully licensed. We are specializedin Japanese and English.
Our service scope is complete and listed in the following: Need Analysis, Location Introduction, Apartment Showing, Negotiation, Lease Agreement Signing, Handover for Move-In, Follow-Up Services,and Handover for Move-Out. We care about every customer and are looking forward to serving you.

★上品賃貸株式会社は数年以来、良質なお住まいを台湾に駐在している日本の方のお客様にご紹介してまいりました。当社は親切なサ-ビスや積極的な対応など、ご入居者様、オ-ナ-様にもご満足を頂き、さらに、安心してお部屋を探すのも、ご入居者を探すのもお任せ頂いております。Please contact Elegant Realty – Paige Wu 886-965503056、886-2-27643111 Email :paige.wu@taipei-property.com

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