NTU台大公館捷運一分鐘,一房一廳可炊 | 魔豆租屋 免費刊登

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身份要求: 男女不限,
地址: 台北市中正區羅斯福路四...
絕佳位置, 下雨天都可以不撐傘30秒到捷運站。目前房客仍住在裡面, 避免打擾房客, 看屋請先預約喔~3Q

1. 獨立進出的套房,走到公館捷運站四號出口不用100步(以兒童的腿估算),時間就是金錢. (會補新沙發)
2. 套房內有流理臺可烹煮食物,寒流下雨免出門,想家的味道自己煮.
3. 一房一廳設計,情侶吵架不用怕沒地方冷靜...
4. 附洗脫烘洗衣機,不用曬衣服了
5. 平面電視雙門冰箱可冰冰淇淋及食材
6. 高素質鄰居,為台大博士生及外國學生
網路水費及第四台費用免費,電費響應地球人節能應盡義務及為廢核四盡一份力,使用者付費,電費一度六元。有任何問題,歡迎email winniehy.liao@gmail.com 詢問廖小姐

1. 1 minute to Gongguan MRT Station Exit 4.
2. Kitchen cabinets with electric range for you to cook food of your country while you miss home~
3. With a living room and one bedroom for lovers to calm down while having debate
4. With front-loading washer and dryer
5. High quality living surrounding. Neighbor with NTU Phd and foreign students
6. Big windows for casting sunlight and fresh air. A wonderful place for studying and doing research
7. Taipei specialty and delicious food are in few steps. Gongguan night market is at downstairs. Live here and won\'t be starve to death.

Water, cable, networks are all inclusive in the rental charge; electricity an gas fee is charged per use, 6 NT per degree. The house owner can speak fluent English, please feel free to call her or email: winniehy.liao@gmail.com.

1. MRT公館駅まで徒歩1分以下、時は金なり!
2. 電磁調理器付け、ファミリにも向ける!
3. マンシャン独立1DK間取り、カップル喧嘩も平気!
4. 洗濯乾燥機付け、物干しも問題なし!
5. 隣人も大家さんも大学院学生、エリート!
6. 日当たりも換気も良好!
7. 降りたらすぐ食べられる!暮らし快適!
水、インターネット、Wi-Fi 接続無料。電気料金は毎度 6元.メール: winniehy.liao@gmail.com

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